Patria NEMO 120mm gallery

This vehicle has grown into a powerful fire support type from a simple troop transport type and can be used in direct or indirect fire missions thanks to its 120mm mortar.
On this occasion the turret is mounted on a 8×8 Patria AMV chassis, but for example, Saudi Arabia has installed them on their LAV Piranha II vehicles, and the United Arab Emirates has mounted them on light boats, showing the versatility of Nemo system.
The 120mm mortar can fire HE, HE-frag, smoke and illumination grenades and has the capacity to fire 120mm caliber mines. The mortar is the same as the one mounted on the twin barrel AMOS system.
One of the main features of Nemo is to enter and exit the fire position in just a few seconds. It is said that it is capable of firing in less than 30 seconds since  the order is issued and then leave the area in 10 seconds after firing.
Some Jurmo class landing crafts have been armed with the 120mm Nemo mortar. Their  main mission is to carry Finnish Jaeger coastal commandos to their targets in all weather condition, and with Nemo mortar installed, they can offer an effective support fire if they need it.

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