MYA 3MS.2 BISON-B gallery

Although as a strategic bomber it was not as efficient as expected, its use as a in-flight refueling tanker was quite useful. With a range of more than 12,000 km, it was very suitable for refueling long-range strategic aircraft.
The last units were framed in bases located in Engels, Zhukhovski and Ryazan and were removed from service in 1994. At least forty 3-MS and 3-MD bomber airframes were destroyed within the START-1 strategic arms limitation treaty.
The Myasishchev 3MS.2 Bison-B had a flight autonomy of more than 12 hours. It could replenish only one aircraft at a time because there was only a ventral intake point to transferred the fuel, at a rate of 2,250 l/min.

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