M-753 gallery

The production of shells with the 1 to 10 kt  W-79-0 fission device reached 325 units, in addition another 225 were produced with the 2kt fission warhead W-79-1. The W-79-0 warhead had ER capacity or enhanced radiation, but its production was stopped in 1985 by order of Congress. However, the warhead W-79-1 could be converted to a neutron device through the addition of ER components.
Projectile security was a key issue to prevent its use by terrorists and unauthorized personnel. For this reason, the M-753 was in a special container, with the fuze disassembled in a separate place. The opening of the container was regulated by a sophisticated multi-code electronic lock with a limited try option, that after a number of unsuccessful opening attempts, disabled the shell.

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