M-19 MGMC gallery

This is the T.65E1 prototype presented in 1944 and which was selected to be mass produced as “Twin 40mm Gun Motor Carriage M.19”. Essentially it was an M.24 light tank chassis along with a gun mount T.12E1 (M.4).
Conceived as an air defense vehicle, it never had the chance to exercise in this role. Instead, it was a powerful ground support vehicle thanks to the high rate of fire from the 40mm guns, both in WWII and the Korean War.
It had a hypothetical rate of fire of up to 240 rpm, but it was really difficult to reach this figure even for well-trained crews. The reason was that ammunition was stored inconveniently and ineffectively.
They had a very limited autonomy due to the two Cadillac V8 gasoline engines that consumed more than 435 liters for only 240 kms. This consumption made fast progress difficult and they always depended on having supplies nearby.
The effective AA range was just over 3,000 meters, just enough against attack aircrafts, but not against high-altitude bombers. However, this range was more than efective against ground targets.

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