Although the S-615 had been approved in April 1974, two years later the works were suspended and its steel was destined for the construction of the S-601 Rubis nuclear attack submarine (SSN). Two years later it was finally decided to build the L’Inflexible, but modifying the entire design so that it could use the new M-4 missiles. These missiles were much larger than the previous ones, they measured 11 meters long by 1.90 in diameter and weighed 36 tons, while the M-1, M-2 and M-20 missiles were 10.67 meters long by 1.50 in diameter and weighed about 20 tons.
The shapes of the hull and rudder are changed and the powerplant and propulsion are modified to achieve a quieter navigation. Improved detection and navigation equipment were installed. Among them were a Thomson CSF DRUA 33 C navigation radar, a Thomson Sintra DMUX 21 multifunction passive/active sonar (flank arrays), a DUXX 5 passive low-frequency sonar and a DSUV 61B very low frequency linear towed array. Also included was a Thomson CSF ARUR 13-A radar detector as the ECM system.
L’Inflexible was built in 80 HLES (high weldable yield strength) steel and its hull is divided into three main sections and three decks. In the front part were the crew quarters, in the central area were the ballistic missiles and in the back was the power plant. Ballistic missiles were progressively modernized, in 1985 it carried the M-4s with six TN-70 nuclear warheads that were later replaced by the M-4A with TN-71 nuclear warheads. In 2001 the ship was modernized and M-45 missiles with a range of 6,000 km and six TN-75 nuclear warheads were installed.
Apart from the M-4 ballistic missiles, Exocet SM-39 missiles (launched from torpedo tubes) were included to provide the L’Inflexible with a long-range anti-ship capability. A modern TIT computerized combat system and a SNTI digital transmission system were installed along with new radiolocation systems to complete the modernization. All of these improvements were gradually included in all Le Redoutable class submarines, except the Le Redoutable boat, to which the M-4 missiles were never installed.
Construction finally began in March 1980 and this time the submarine is made up of parts measuring 11 meters in diameter and about 50 tons in weight. On April 1, 1985 she entered service and was integrated into the Strategic Oceanic Force within the Marine Nationale. Her base was the same as that of the rest of the French SSBNs, in Ile Longue, port of Brest. She carried out the same type of patrols in such a way that there were always 3 submarines in a firing position, one in transit and two performing the necessary maintenance. However, these patrols were partly relaxed with the dissolution of the USSR, but are permanently maintained as part of the policy of deterrence.
The S-615 boat was in service until January 2008, when it was replaced by the fourth submarine of the Le Triomphant class SSBN, the S-619 Le Terrible. During its career, L’Inflexible carried out 59 patrols and was immersed for about 90,000 hours. After disassembling all the nuclear weapons and equipment, the submarine will be completely scrapped before 2027.

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