Kh-32 / AS-4 KITCHEN gallery

The Kh-32 missile has conventional and nuclear warheads like its predecessor, although the conventional has been reduced in size to accommodate more fuel and raise its range to a minimum of 800 km. This range would allow it to be launched outside the combat radius of the escort fighters of the naval groups, which usually operate about 700 km from the aircraft carriers.
According to Russian sources, the missile is capable of withstanding 20mm impacts and even small antiaircraft missiles. Coincidentally, that is the caliber of the Phalanx CIWS mountings assembled by the majority of U.S. Navy’s ships. Furthermore, great efforts have been made to make the missile practically invulnerable to electronic countermeasures.
The Kh-32 mounts a new radar targeting system with radio command adjustment according to terrain relief by altimeter. The missile can attack ships, high military value systems or vital infrastructures such as electric power plants and bridges.

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