KANIN class gallery

Kanin class was composed by: Boiky, Derzky, Gnevny, Gordy, Gremyashchy, Uporny, Zhguchy and Zorky ships. They were a more appropriate conversion than that made to some destroyers from the Kotlin class, making them the Kotlin SAM subclass.
The SA-N-1 missile launchers were installed on the magazines of the previous SS-N-1 missiles and behind them was built a tower on which the “Peel Group” radar was installed for missile guidance. The AA armament was completed with eight 57mm guns and later with two 30mm twin mountings.
After reconstruction, Kanin class displaced around 400 tons more than in origin, what supposed them the loss of two knots of speed. With their 72,000 shp they reached a maximum speed of 34 knots when they were built, later reduced to 32 knots.
The ASW armament was really remarkable in these destroyers, with the installation of three RBU-6000 Smerch-2 mortars, with twelve 213mm caliber launchers each. They fired a 110 kg rocket with a 25 kg warhead at a maximum 5,800 meters distance and an effective depth of 500 meters.

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