J-1 JASTREB gallery

Soko J-1 Jastreb equipped five Wings of the former Yugoslav Air Force (JRV) for ground attack missions. It was an aircraft fully developed by Yugoslavia and although of modest capacities, it met the required expectations.
The Jastreb was exported to Libya, Zaire and Zambia, which received 20 units of the J-1E and RJ-1E variants. The J-1 participated in the First Congo War with a detachment sent by Yugoslavia to support the Republic of the Congo, but its role was not very successful.
In 1992, the Yugoslav Air Force had about 40 J-1 Jastreb in service, which were involved in some actions over Bosnia Herzegovina, where at least 7 were shot down, both by NATO aircraft and by anti-aircraft defense.
Among the range of weapons used by the Jastreb, we can find cluster bombs of 130 and 150kg, 250kg bombs, unguided rockets of 55 and 127mm and Soviet AS-7 Kerry air to surface missile.

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