Humber SCOUT CAR gallery

Although they performed well in their missions, the Humber Scout Cars were always less capable than Daimler Dingo scout car, according to opinions of their crews.
The small dimensions of the vehicle only allowed them to take 2 crew members, although there was room for a third in special missions. Its speed and small silhouette were the best weapons in combat.
This vehicle belongs to the collection of the Tank Museum of Bovington, England. It is probably the smallest armored vehicle in the entire Museum.
The machine gun of the roof could be fired from the interior with an original system. This device was similar to the handlebar of a bicycle, and firing the machine gun when the soldier “tightening the handle of the brake” in what would be a normal bike.
The convoy escort was a main mission for the Humber Scout. This was especially inportant during the last stage of WWII, when supplies were essential for British forces within the German territory.
The Humber Scout Car was usually used as an observation vehicle for artillery fire. In these missions the vehicle mounted a Number 19 radio set to communicate the corrections to the gun / howitzer batteries.

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