HA-200D SAETA gallery

The tests with rockets and bombs began in March 1966 and two Matra 38 underwing pylons were installed for rocket launchers such as the LAU 32B/A with 7 FFAR 70mm rockets, Matra 181 with 36 SNEB 37mm rockets, Matra 40E with 8 SCAR 58mm rockets, HASA-Matra with 8 Oerlikon 80mm rockets and also for 50 kg “Negrilla” type bombs.
Four of these aircraft were integrated in the 46th Wing based on Gando AFB, Canary Islands. From November 1966 the HA-200D begin to replace the old T-6D Texan in ground attack missions, installing Matra 38 underwing pylons in 21 aircraft of the Unit, although later they would be installed in all the remaining aircrafts.
At the beginning of the 70s the VHF STR-9z radio equipment was changed to the UHF AN/ARC-51BX in order to normalize the equipment with other tactical aircrafts of the Spanish Air Force.
In the middle of the 70s and due the growing tension in the Sahara’s Spanish territories, the HA-200D from the 462nd Squadron were deployed in El Aaiún, Villa Cisneros and Smara airports along with the armed Texan T-6D and the C-2.111 BR.21 reconnaissance aircraft.
Soon became clear that C-2.111 BR-21 were obsolete for reconnaissance missions and it was decided that these missions would be performed by the HA-200D deployed from the 462nd Squadron, resulting much more effective than the previous ones.
During its deployment in Sahara territoty, the HA-200D suffered several casualties due to accidents. On October 14, 1974, during a transfer flight from Seville to Gando, two aircrafts were lost due to a storm. One of them had to land on the sea and the other crashed while trying an emergency landing at the Moroccan Kenitra Base. Unfortunately, both pilots died.
Another loss occurred on June 23, 1975, when the HA-200D C.10B-76 suffered a breakdown that forced it to try to land on the sea over the Atlantic Ocean, unfortunately the pilot died in the attempt.
In July 1974, the 203rd Squadron is deactivated and their C.10Bs are sent to the 793rd Squadron of the General Air Academy after having made 12,800 flight hours.
At the end of 1975, after the Madrid Accords, by which Spain abandoned their Sahara territories, the 462nd and 463rd Squadrons were disbanded and a new 464th Squadron was formed, based in Gando AFB, Gran Canaria.
In February 1976, when the 462nd Squadron was dissolved, their aircrafts were distributed among the 793rd Squadron with base in Tablada airfield, Seville and the 905th Squadron based in Torrejon AFB, Madrid, ending the stay of the C.10B in the Canary Islands definitively.
This is the former C.10B-67 that was given to EADS company from Germany, which after extensive review and several modern equipment installation, keeps it in flight condition within its Messerschmitt’s aircraft collection.
This magnificently preserved C.10B was owned by the Infante de Orleans Foundation, which showed it to the public on a regular basis several times a year. Unfortunately on May 5 2013, this aircraft suffered a fatal accident being destroyed and causing the death of its pilot during an exhibition at Cuatro Vientos AFB, Madrid, Spain.

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