ETHAN ALLEN class gallery

The Ethan Allen class were also known as the 608 Class, and operated in the Atlantic and Mediterranean from Scotland until 1975. Later they were transferred to the Pacific to Apra Harbor base, Guam.
USS Ethan Allen boat navigating on the surface. This class carried the MK.80 missile control system for missile firing, the same as the previous US Navy’s George Washington class SSBN.
(USS Ethan Allen boat). These submarines fitted four 533mm torpedo tubes in the bow for defensive role that could fire the Mk.16 mod.6, Mk.37 electric torpedo and Mk.48 multi purpose torpedo.
The USS John Marshall was one of the modified submarines to be able to deploy 70 SEAL operators in a stealthy way anywhere in the World.
The USS Thomas A. Edison was built by Electric Boat on the Thames River, Gronton, Connecticut, along with the leadership of the class, the USS Ethan Allen, the rest were built in Newport News Shipbuilding, Virginia.

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