Entp Pz.65 gallery

Entp Pz.65 was an optimal recovery vehicle derived from the Pz.61 medium tank and was only used by the Swiss Army. The vehicle lacked ground anchor spade, instead the dozer blade was lowered to give greater stability to the vehicle when handling heavy loads such as power packs or tank turrets.
The rear part of the vehicle allowed to safely transport a spare engine when necessary. The vehicle will be a real rolling workshop, with welding equipment, tools, air compressor and spare parts for vehicles. There is a 38 hp Mercedes Benz auxiliary engine to give power to the main generator and the hydraulic pump.
The Entp Pz.65 had two winches, the most powerful could move weights of up to 75 tons if a special pulley system was mounted and had 120 meters of 29mm steel cable. The auxiliary winch had 240 meters of 6 mm steel cable and could carry up to 500 kg.


In 1993, began the updating of 69 vehicles to the Entp Pz.65-88 variant. In this new model many systems and internal equipment were enhanced or changed, although the main systems remained the same.

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