D-3A “VAL” gallery

D-3A “Val” combat debut was made from ground bases against targets in China, although this was an exception in its career.


They used to be used with Nakajima B5N “Kate” torpedo planes with a demolishing efficiency. The combination of torpedoes and bombs correctly used against ships was lethal most of the time.



More than 1,000 units of the D-3A2 model were manufactured. They entered service in 1942, but the aircraft was already outdated and they were relegated to training missions as type D-3A2.K.


The first of the eight prototypes and test aircrafts built, made the maiden fly in 1938, detecting serious problems during the flight. Once solved, mass production began, and almost 500 units of the D-3A1 variant were produced.


Eight American, two British and one Australian destroyers were part of their “victims”. To complete the Val‘s list of “kills” it is necessary to add one British aircraft carrier and three British cruisers. It should be noted that two of the American destroyers were sunk by kamikaze attacks.

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