Caudron R.11 gallery

The Caudron R.11 fighter doubled in size all the escort fighters of the time, which gave it a great flight autonomy.


This aircraft had five machine guns, two in the nose, two dorsal and one that could shoot down. This arrangement provided them with a huge arc of fire that made it very effective as an escort fighter.


The R.11 fighter began their escort operations in July 1918, when they accompanied groups up to 100 bombers in the raids over Germany.


Despite the fact that 1,000 units of Caudron R.11 fighters had been ordered, only 370 units were delivered due to the end of the war. They served in six French Air Force Squadrons, the R.46, R.239, R.240, R.241, R.242 and R.246 until 1922, when they were retired.

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