BT-7 gallery

The excellent speed and mobility of the BT-7 tank family has not yet been surpassed by almost any current tank model, being the hallmark of this light tanks.
The tank carried the suspension system created by J. Walter Christie that allowed the tracks could be dismounted to travel by road. However, this practice was not used in combat by the Red Army, only in emergency situations.
Thanks to the new gasoline engine installed, the BT-7 reached more than 70 km / h.  This tank achieved an autonomy of more than 400 km, something unattainable for any tank of that time.
The Soviet tactics with BT tanks consisted to penetrate the front line quickly and then attack all the vital points of the rearguard, such as airports, command posts or communications lines.
The last of BT family was the BT-7M or BT-8 fast tank. This new variant had improvements such as a 500 hp diesel engine and the TOS stabilized viewfinder, which allowed firing in motion.
There were different variants of BT-7, as the BT-7U or V command tank version. This variant had a frame aerial antenna and a model 71.TC radio installed.

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