BR.521 BIZERTE gallery

The first BR.521 Bizerte prototype flew for the first time on September 11, 1933 in Le Havre Seaport.


These flying boats mounted five machine guns for self-defense. Two in the bow, two more behind the wings and one more in the tail.


The series engines were the Gnome-Rhone 14 Kirs-1, but it was mounted a Hispano Suiza 14 AA radial in one unit for testing purposes. In 1938 the last three BR.521 Bizertes were delivered with the improved Gnome-Rhone 14.N.


The Breguet Bizerte flying boat could carry four bombs of 75 kgs under the lower wings. However, its main role were reconnaissance and maritime rescue missions.


The Luftwaffe took charge of the units in service in November 1942 when the Vichy Government was overthrown.

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