AFT-9 gallery

The AFT.9 is manufactured by NORINCO and uses the HJ.9 (Red Arrow 9) anti-tank guided missile (ATGW). This missile is the natural successor of the previous HJ.8 missile of less range and wire-guided.
AFT.9 anti-tank missile carrier has an automatic reloading system that allows to fire two missiles in a minute. This vehicle carries 12 missiles, 4 ready to fire and 8 in reserve inside the hull.
The HJ.9 missile weighs 37 kg and is packaged in a disposable container / launcher. The turret can be equipped with different thermal sights and optical systems.
There are two variants for the HJ.9 missile. The HJ.9A variant appeared in 2005 and carries a semi-active millimetre wave radar guidance system. The last variant has been designated as HJ.9B and is even more advanced and lethal.
The HJ-9 or “Hóng Jián 9” missile could be launched from terrestrial or aerial platforms and is widely used by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (P.L.A.). Thanks to its HEAT warhead tandem you can destroy most tanks in service.

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