2S31 VENA gallery

2S31 Vena uses a 120mm gun/mortar that allows it to make direct or indirect fire to the target. The maximum range using mortar grenades is about 7 km and 13 km using gun or howitzer ammunition. It uses the same ammunition as its lighter equivalent 2S9 Nona-S.
The 2S31 Vena incorporates a sophisticated fire control system that allows to be very accurate and achieve high probabilities of reaching the target at the first shot. It can use all 120mm ammunition in service with the Russian army, including the Kitolov 2M precision shells, designed specifically against armoured targets. It seems that it is capable of using any foreigner 120mm mortar grenade.
The gun/mortar can be raised to 80º, suitable for the use of mortar grenades and beating targets that are behind mounds or buildings. The barrel has a pneumatic load system that allows to be reloaded at any elevation level.
Vena chassis is very similar to that of BMP-3 ICV, although it was modified. The hull and turret are composed by all-welded aluminium armour and offers protection against small arms fire and artillery splinters. This vehicle is being able to fight in contaminated environments having an overpressure type NBC protection.
According to experts, the 2S31 Vena is probably the most efficient self-propelled mortar of those in service thanks to its fire control system that allows to make 10 rounds per minute with great precision. The vehicle carries seventy 120mm projectiles on board.
This vehicle has a protection system with laser detectors mounted around the turret and on both sides of the barrel, which automatically fire the battery of smoke grenade dischargers if the vehicle is being “illuminated” by a laser beam.

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