ZUBR (Pomornik) class

In 1988, appeared the Zubr class hovercrafts, or Pomornik according to the NATO designation. This vehicles are the largest of this type ever built. The structure of this LCAC is divided into 3 sections under the superstructure separated by longitudinal bulkheads. There is an area for the landing vehicles in the midsection, and two outer sections to accommodate the power plants, the stays for the crew, the landing troops, the NBC protection system and life support equipment. The Zubr class can carry up to 130 tons of payload, including MBTs and all types of armored vehicles and up to 360 equipped troops. The propulsion is in charge of gas turbines that drive the three huge four-bladed propellers at speeds of over 60 knots.

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Country of origin

Soviet Union


Almaz Shipyard (St. Petersburg) – Morye Shipyards (Ukraine)


Landing Craft Air Cushion vehicle, Hovercraft

Entered service




Displacement, (full load)

550 tonnes

Dimensions (length x beam x draught)

57.60 x 25.60 meters

Power plant

2 x M35.2 or M85RU/FRE80D7 gas turbines for lift, 11,836 hp each
3 x M35.1 or M70FRU2 & 2R gas turbines for drive, 11,836 hp each

Power, (total)

23,672 hp + 35,508 hp


63 knots (116 km/h)


300 n. miles (555 km) at 55 knots


2 x 30mm six barreled AK.630 CIWS

SAM launcher

4 x Strela.3 (SA.14 "Gremlin") MANPADS + 2 x quadruple Strela.2 (SA.N.5 "Grail") launcher


2 x 22-cells x 140 mm Ogon or 2 x 22-cells x 122mm BM.21 launchers