YAMATO class

Nine days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Imperial Japanese Navy commissioned the most powerful battleships to ever cross the World’s oceans, the Yamato class. In 1935, Japan began with the design of a new class of battleships after renouncing the Treaty of Washington that limited the size of its Navy. In July 1936, the “A-140 F5” design was approved and it was decided that four ships would be built, which would eventually be reduced to two, named Yamato and Musashi. The construction was carried out as secretly as possible and was a total success, because even in June 1945, with both ships sunk and the War ended, the Americans thought that they had been ships of 45,000 tons standard displacement armed with 406mm guns. Despite its magnitude and power, the Yamato class emerged when the “Battleships era” had already given way to the “Aircraft carriers era”, owners and lords of the seas thanks to the embarked aircrafts, decisive in practically all World War II’s Naval battles.

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Country of origin



Kure Navy Yard & Mitsubishi Heavy Industries



Entered service

Yamato: 1941 – Musashi: 1942


Original design: 2,200
Yamato (1945): 2,767 – Musashi (1944): 2,399

Displacement, (full load)

Yamato (1944): 72,808 tonnes – Musashi (1944): 69,594 tonnes

Dimensions (length x beam x draught)

263.00 x 38.90 x 10.80 meters

Armour, (maximum)

Steel: Barbettes: 560mm – Main turrets: 650mm – Command tower: 500mm
Steel: Belt: 410mm – Bulkhead: 350mm – Upper deck: 50mm – Armor deck: 200mm


12 x Kampon Mark RO oil fired boilers – 4 geared turbines

Power, (total)

150,992 shp

Shafts - Screws

4 shafts – 4 screws


27.46 Knots (50.8 km/h)


6,300 tonnes of fuel oil


7,200 n. miles (13,320 km) at 16 knots


4 seaplanes

Main guns

9 x 460/45mm Type 94 guns in triple turrets

Secondary guns

Originally: 12 x 155/60mm Type 3 dual purpose guns in triple turrets
Since 1943: 6 x 155/60mm Type 3 dual purpose guns in triple turrets

AA guns

Both ships (original): 12 x 127/40mm guns in twin mounts + 24 x 25/60mm guns in triple mounts
Musashi (1944): 12 x 127/40mm guns in twin mounts + 130 x 25/60mm guns (4 single + 42 triple mounts)
Yamato (1945): 24 x 127/40mm guns in twin mounts + 150 x 25/60mm guns in triple mounts

Machine guns

2 x 13mm in twin mounts


2 ships: Yamato – Musashi