Vickers Armstrongs VC-10 C Mk.1

The Vickers VC-10 C1 aircraft was the result of converting a Vickers VC-10 airliner into a military long-range strategic transport aircraft. An additional fuel tank, re-powered Rolls Royce Conway engines, rear-facing passenger seats, a side loading gate and a nose refueling probe were added among other new equipment. To complete the transformation, the floor was reinforced and the passenger’s cabin was prepared to accommodate up to 150 passengers or 76 stretchers and 6 medical assistants.. Fourteen aircrafts entered service with the No.10 Squadron in December 1966 under designation as VC-10 C1. In 1982 they participated in the Falklands War establishing an airlift with Ascension Island, gave support during the “Operation Black Buck” and two aircrafts were painted with a red cross and did wounded evacuation missions during the conflict.The No.10 Squadron based in Fairford AFB would be the only one within the RAF to operate this cargo variant until the early 90’s, when they were transformed into VC-10 C1K aerial refueling tanker aircrafts.

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Información adicional

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Country of origin

United Kingdom


Vickers Armstrongs


Transport aircraft

Entered service




Combat weight

146,510 kg

Dimensions (length x wingspan x height)

48.38 x 44.55 x 12.04 meters

Wing area

272.38 m2

Power plant

4 x Rolls-Royce Conway RCo.43 Mk 301 turbofan, 96.97 kN each

Power, (total)

387.88 kN (207,128 hp)


Max. 935 km/h – Cruise 684 km/h

Climb rate

930 meters per minute

Ceiling, (maximum)

12,800 meters


6,275 km

Load capacity

150 passengers or 76 stretchers