In late 1977, France introduced a new thermonuclear warhead for its M-20 submarine launched ballistic missiles (SLBM) and SSBS S-3D intermediate range ballistic missile (IRBM). It was designated as TN-61 and was a light and improved version of former TN-60 warhead. This new warhead had a yield of 1.2 Mt and weighed only about 375 kg, which allowed to add to the RV (reentry vehicle) systems such as decoys that allowed to improve the efficiency of the missile. Ninety TN-61 warheads were manufactured, 70 for the M-20 SLBMs carried by Le Redoutable class nuclear-powered ballistic submarines (SSBN) and 20 for the SSBS S-3D  IRBMs of the Army, 8 of which were used as spare parts. This warhead was retired from the French Marine Nationale in 1991, and from the Army along with the SSBS S-3D missiles in September 1996.

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Country of origin



Nuclear warhead

Entered service


Combat weight

375 kg

Yield, (maximum)

1.2 Megatons