Thomson-Brandt MO-120 RT-61 / RT-F1

The 120mm French Thomson Brandt MO-120 RT-61 mortar is the substitute of another powerful previous model of the 50s designated as MO-120 AM-50. The RT-61 entered service in 1973 and has the peculiarity that uses a rifled tube which offers greater range and precision than other mortars. In France it is known as “RT F1” and several models have been made based on it. The Turkish HY-12 Tosam, the Brazilian M2 Raiado or the 120mm M-327 Expeditionary Fire Support System used by the American Marines are some of its “descendants”. In addition, Japan has also manufactured them under license since 1992. Grenades must be inserted precisely by aligning the grenade’s driving bands with the grooves of the tube. The mortar can be fired in two different modes, automatic and manual. In automatic mode it is only necessary to release the grenade, and it will be fire out after hitting the bottom firing pin. In manual mode, the grenade is inserted and the trigger located at the bottom of the base must be pressed when desired.

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Información adicional

Ficha Completa
Country of origin



Thomson Brandt


Infantry mortar

Entered service



4 servers

Combat weight

582 kg

Dimensions (length x width x height)

2.06 meters (barrel length)


1 x 120mm rifled mortar

Rate of fire, (maximum)

10 grenades per minute

Shell weight

18.70 kg

Shell range

8.10 km – 12.80 km with PRPA rocket assistance grenades


+ 2,500 of all variants and derivatives