In 2011 the Ukrainian firm Luch Design Bureau presented the Stugna-P (Stuhna-P) anti-tank missile and the variant for export called Skif. They are portable, long-range laser-guided missiles that can be carried by a team of 3-4 operators due to the system’s total weight of between 101 and 108 kg. These Ukrainian missiles have become one of the most famous weapons of the 2022 Ukrainian War by demonstrating lethal effectiveness against all types of armored vehicles, tanks and even helicopters.

STUGNA-P (SKIF) gallery and more info


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Country of origin



Luch Design Bureau


Anti-tank guided missile



System weight

From 101 to 108 kg

Missile/bomb dimensions, (length x diameter)

130mm variant: 1.36 x 0.14 meter (container) – 152mm variant: 1.43 x 0.16 meter (container)

Missile/bomb weight

130mm variant: 30 kg (container) – 152mm variant: 37 kg (container)

Missile speed

700 km/h

Missile range

130mm variant: 5 km (day) / 3 km (night) – 152mm variant: 5.5 km (day) / 3 km (night)

Guidance system

Laser beam with TV or thermal target tracking

Warhead, (explosive charge)

130mm variant: 8 kg RK-2OF HE-fragmentation – 8 kg RK-2S HEAT tandem-charge
152mm variant: 8 kg RK-2М-OF HE-fragmentation – 8 kg RK-2M-K HEAT tandem-charge


About 9,000 missiles and several hundreds of launchers in service in 12 countries