These two Roberts class monitors ships entered service with the Royal Navy during WWII, in 1941 and 1943 respectively. They were a development from the previous Erebus monitor class built during WWI. The two vessels, were the HMS Roberts and the HMS Abercrombie, and both ships had been installed one 381mm twin gun turret. One of them was from the previous HMS Marshal Soult monitor, and the other turret was from the canceled Furious battlecruiser. In addition they carried a secondary armament of eight 100mm guns and an antiaircraft battery composed by 20mm and 40mm guns. The protection of the ship consisted of an armored belt 100 to 125mm thick., that covered from forward of the barbette to the mainmast and horizontally covered from the main deck to the lower deck. They had an armor deck at the level of the main deck with a thickness between 50 and 100mm, being more extensive the 100mm area in the HMS Abercrombie. The HMS Roberts‘s career was very intense, and participated in WWII major operations such as the Invasion of Sicily and the Normandy landings. Both ships survived the war and were scrapped, HMS Abercrombie in 1955 and HMS Roberts in 1965.

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Country of origin

United Kingdom


HMS Abercrombie: Vickers-Armstrong, Tyne – HMS Roberts: John Brown


Monitor – Ironclad turret ship

Entered service




Displacement, (full load)

HMS Abercrombie: 9,717 tonnes – HMS Roberts: 9,150 tonnes

Dimensions (length x beam x draught)

113.79 x 27.36 x 4.11 (4.39 HMS Abercrombie) meters

Armour, (maximum)

Steel: Barbettes: 203mm – Main turrets: 330mm – Command tower: 76mm
Steel: Belt: 125mm – Armoured deck: 100mm


2 x Admiralty boilers – 2 x Parsons steam geared turbines

Power, (total)

4,800 shp

Shafts - Screws

2 shafts – 2 screws


12.5 Knots (23 km/h)


491 tonnes of fuel oil

Main guns

2 × 381/42mm BL Mk.I guns in a twin turret

AA guns

16: 1 octuple + 2 quads x 40mm QF 2-pdr "pom-pom" gun mounts + 20 x 20mm Oerlikon guns
8 x 100/45mm QF Mk.16 in twin turrets


2 ships: Abercrombie – Roberts