The fast attack patrol boats of the Pegasus class were small but powerfully armed ships which were in service between 1977 and 1993 within the US Navy. These patrol boats had hydrofoils that raised the ship above sea level as it gained speed, which greatly reduced drag and allowed it to reach a speed of 48 knots (89 km/h). Pegasus class was exceptionally well armed for a ship of this size, but taking into account that they only carried out coastal operations, its very high acquisition and maintenance cost led to only 6 boats were ordered for the US Navy and that no foreign orders were received, so other similar vessels were not developed later.

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Country of origin

United States


Boeing Marine Systems


Guided missile fast patrol ship

Entered service




Displacement, (full load)

240 tonnes

Dimensions (length x beam x draught)

40.50 x 8.60 x 2.30 meters

Power plant

Conventional navigation: 2 x Mercedes-Benz MTU diesel engine, 800 shp each
Hydrofoils (lift) navigation: 1 x Fiat/General Electric LM2500 gas turbine, 18,000 shp

Power, (total)

1,600 shp + 18,000 shp

Shafts - Screws

1 shaft – 1 screw + 2 hydrojets


Conventional navigation: Max. 12 knots (22 km/h) – Hydrofoils (lift) navigation: Max. 48 knots (89 km/h)


From 750 to 1,200 n. miles (1,390 to 2,220 km)


1 x 76/62mm OTO-Melara Mk.75 naval gun

SSM launcher

2 x 4-cells Harpoon anti-ship missile launchers


6 ships: Aquila – Aries – Gemini – Hercules – Pegasus – Taurus