In January 1956, the first Spanish aerobatics team emerged, the Air Force’s “Patrulla Ascua“, (Ember patrol), which had a rather short life. It seems that the birth of this unit occurred by chance, when returning from an instruction flight, 4 pilots of “Ala 1 de Caza”,(1st Fighter Wing), based in Manises AFB, Valencia, decided to perform a “looping” in close formation and then perform some others maneuvers, that produced some magnificent results. After landing, it was decided to formalize the team and continue with the joint training. At the beginning, there were only four F-86 Sabre team components, adding shortly after two more aircrafts that completed the formation of six. They made exhibitions until September of 1958 when an aircraft suffered a fatal accident and it was decided to stop the exhibitions. They were deactivated until May 1961, when they made an exhibition over Seville to continue an uninterrupted career until January 12, 1965, when they made their last show.

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