The Patriot air defense missile has become a standard in anti-missile fighting over the years, and had its baptism of fire during the 1991 Gulf War, when they were deployed on Israeli territory and military bases on Saudi Arabia. Initially the Patriot was developed as a simple antiaircraft missile, but successive upgrades allowed them to obtain good results in the interception of ballistic missiles. The Patriot PAC-2 variant, (Patriot Advanced Capability-2), began its career in 1990 when the capacity of the warhead’s shrapnel was improved and new and improved algorithms of the search radar were able to shoot down ballistic missiles more efficiently. In the last years of the 90s the improvements known as “guidance enhanced missiles” or “GEM” were developed. These modifications led to four different missile groups with specific missiles for defense against ballistic missiles and against cruise missiles.

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Información adicional

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Country of origin

United States




Surface-to-air anti ballistic missile

Entered service


Missile/bomb dimensions, (length x diameter)

5.20 x 0.41 meters

Missile/bomb weight

900 kg

Missile speed

Mach 4.1 (5,022 km/h)

Missile range

160 km – 24,000 meters ceiling

Guidance system

Semi active radar homing with radio command

Warhead, (explosive charge)

Weight: 91 kg – Type: HE fragmentation