Ordnance ML 3in (81mm) Mk.II mortar

The origins of the “Ordnance ML 3-in Mk.II mortar” arose from the request of the British Infantry at the end of the WWI to have light artillery batteries for close support. Although the issue was studied, it was finally decided to equip the infantry units with mortars instead of ligth guns due to the enormous consumption of resources and men. The Stokes (Mk.I) mortar type was taken as a basis, but a stronger barrel was installed and the ammunition was improved with the adoption of a more powerful propelling charge to expand its range. It entered service in the early 1930s and remained in service with different improvements until the mid-1960s.

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Información adicional

Ficha Completa
Country of origin

United Kingdom


Infantry mortar

Entered service

Early 1930s



Combat weight

50.8 kg

Dimensions (length x width x height)

1.37 meters, barrel length


1 x 81mm smoothbore muzzle load mortar

Rate of fire, (maximum)

25 grenades per minute

Shell weight

HE: 4.53 kg

Shell range

2,560 meters

Muzzle velocity

198 m/s