MT-12 RAPIRA (anti-tank gun)

The 100 mm anti-tank gun MT-12 (2A29) Rapira is an evolution of the T-12 gun, which was the main anti-tank weapon of the Soviet Army during the 1960s. Initially the MT-12 was designated as “T -12A“, and although the barrel is the same as that of the T-12 anti-tank gun, it differs from it in some of the components, especially the carriage, the gun shield and the equilibrator. Despite being a fairly old weapon, it is showing that it is still useful and effective in the 21st century, as is being demonstrated in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine that began in 2022, where it is being used by both contenders.

MT-12 RAPIRA anti-tank gun gallery and more info


Información adicional

Ficha Completa
Country of origin

Soviet Union


Yurga Machine-Building Plant


Anti-tank gun

Entered service



6 servers

Combat weight

3,050 kg

Dimensions (length x width x height)

9.65 x 2.31 x 1.60 meters


1 x 100/61mm smoothbore gun

Rate of fire, (maximum)

6 rounds per minute

Shell range

APFSDS 3UBM1/3UBM2/3UBM10/3UBM15: 2,000 meters
Guided (missile) 9M117 Bastion (9M117M Kan/9M117M1 Arkan): 4,000 (Kan) – 6,000 (Arkan) meters
HE frag 3UOF3/3UOF12: 8,200 meters
HEAT 3UBK2/3UBK2M/3UBK8/3UBK8M: 1,200 meters

Muzzle velocity

APFSDS 3UBM1/3UBM2/3UBM10/3UBM15: 1,570 m/s
Guide (missile) 9M117 Bastion (9M117M Kan/9M117M1 Arkan): 400-500 m/s
HE frag 3UOF3/3UOF12: 975 m/s
HEAT 3UBK2/3UBK2M/3UBK8/3UBK8M: 975 m/s


About 4,000 (T-12 & MT-12 Rapira)