MOSKVA class

In 1959, with the growing threat of American SSBN submarines armed with Polaris intercontinental missiles, the Soviet Navy began the development of large vessels that could intercept this type of boats. Accordingly, in 1962 the construction of Moskva ship began. This type of vessel was officially designated as “Protivolodochny Kreyser, (PKR)” or “antisubmarine cruiser”. The ship entered service in 1967 and was actually a helicopter carrier, with an air group of 15 to 18 Ka-25 Hormone-A helicopters. Moskva so had a powerful anti-submarine armament composed by RPK-1 VIKHR (SUW-N-1) nuclear ASW missile and two RBU-6000 ASW rocket launchers. In June 1969, entered service a second, and last, ship of this class, the Leningrad. However, it was decided not to continue the construction of this type of vessel because their capacities were not as expected. These ships did not sail well in rough seas and the Soviet Navy decided to promote the use of V/STOL fixed-wing aircraft, which they considered more versatile, and began the construction of true “antisubmarine carriers”, such as the Kiev class.

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Información adicional

Ficha Completa
Country of origin

Soviet Union


Nikolayev South (Shipyard No.444)


Helicopter carrier cruiser

Entered service




Displacement, (full load)

18,285 tonnes

Dimensions (length x beam x draught)

196.60 x 34.14 x 7.60 meters

Flight deck, (length x width)

81.00 x 34.00 meters


4 water-tube boilers – 2 shaft geared turbines

Power, (total)

100,000 shp

Shafts - Screws

2 shafts – 2 screws


30 Knots (55 km/h)


2,600 tonnes of fuel oil


9,000 n. miles (16,650 km) at 18 knots or 14,000 n. miles (25,900 km) at 12 knots


15 to 18 x Ka.25 "Hormone A" ASW helicopter


2 x 57/80mm twin guns


2 x quintuple 533mm torpedo tubes

ASW armament

1 x twin SUW.N.1 "FRAS.1" missile launcher with 15 missiles
2 x RBU.6000 twelve barreled rocket launcher

SAM launcher

2 x twin SA.N.3 "Goblet" missile launcher with 44 missiles


2 ships: Leningrad – Moskva