Mil Mi-28 “HAVOC”

In 1980, work began on equipping the Mil Mi-24 Hind helicopter with a complement for some missions, which after a while would replace it completely. In November 1982 the new Mil Mi-28 Havoc, (according to NATO designation), made its maiden flight, beginning a slow development stage, perhaps because in 1984 the Soviet Air Force selected the Kamov Ka-50 Hokum as the future anti-tank helicopter. Six prototypes were built up to the year 2004, the experimental ones 012 (1982) and 022 (1983), those of Mi-28A preseries 032 (1988) and 042 (1991) and two all-weather day and night variant, known as Mi-28N, the 014 (1996) and 024 (2004) prototypes. In December 1987 production was approved, although in a limited way, and currently there are around 100 Mi-28N in service. The Havoc has 4 underwings hardpoints with a load capacity of 480 kg each, in which it carries a wide variety of missiles and rockets. In 1993 the Mi-28A program was canceled because the helicopter did not have all-weather combat capability, but the development of a new version called Mi-28N was started, much more modern and with all-weather capability. This version has a radar installed above the main rotor and a sophisticated aiming system, TV and a FLIR under the nose. Finally in June 2006 the Russian Air Force received the first Mi-28N of an order of about 190 units, destined to replace the aged fleet of Mi-24 Hind.

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Mil Helicopters


Attack helicopter

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Combat weight

Mi.28A: 10,400 kg – Mi.28N: 12,100 kg

Overall length

Mi.28A: 19.15 meters – Mi.28N: 21.16 meters

Fuselage length

Mi.28A: 16.85 meters – Mi.28N: 17.01 meters

Main rotor diameter

17.20 meters

Power plant

2 x Klimov TVZ.117VM turboshaft, 2,200 hp each

Power, (total)

4,400 hp


Max. 325 km/h – Cruise 265 km/h

Climb rate

816 meters per minute

Ceiling, (maximum)

5,700 meters


Max. ferry range: 1,100 km

Combat radius

200 km


1 x 30mm 2A42 gun in under nose turret and four underwing hardpoints for 2,000 kg of ordnance


250 x 30mm rounds

Guns, (external pods)

Type: 23mm UPK.23.250 (GSh.23L)


Type: 80mm S.8 – 130mm S.13

Air-to-air missiles

Type: Igla.V – Vympel R.73 (AA.11 "Archer")

Air-to-surface missiles

Type: 9A.220O (AT.9 "Spiral 2") ATGW – 9M123 Khrizantema (AT.15 "Springer") ATGW
Type: Ataka V (AT.9 "Spiral 2") ATGW – 9K118 Sheksna (AT.12 "Swinger") ATGW