M-1 ABRAMS (105mm gun)

Following the cancellation of the joint MBT/KPz-70 program and a long period of 7 years developing a new main battle tank (MBT) for the US Army, to which General Motors and Chrysler were presented with their XM-1 prototypes, finally in February 1980 the first M-1 Abrams MBT entered service. The initial contract provided for the acquisition of 3,312 M-1 Abrams armed with the 105/52mm M-68E1 gun, but in 1983 the order grew to 7,058 tanks, and it was rumored that it could reach up to 12,000 units. Finally, only 2,374 M-1 Abrams of the initial version would be manufactured until January 1984. In February 1984, manufacturing of the M-1 Abrams IP/IPM1 (Improved Performance) began, which had improved protection and some improvements but maintained the same 105/52mm gun. Of this variant, 894 vehicles were built until 1986, continuing afterwards only with the production of the more powerful M-1A1 Abrams armed with the 120/44mm M-256 smoothbore gun.

M-1 ABRAMS (105mm gun) MBT gallery and more info


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Country of origin

United States


Chrysler Defense (General Dynamics Land Systems)


Main Battle Tank

Entered service

M-1: 1980 – M-1 IP: 1984



Combat weight

M-1: 54,390 kg – M-1 IP: 55,390 kg

Dimensions (length x width x height)

9.77 x 3.66 x 2.35 (turret roof) meters

Armour, (maximum)

Composite: classified

Power plant

1 x AVCO Lycoming AGT-1500C multi-fuel turbine engine, 1,500 hp


M-1: 72 km/h – M-1 IP: 67 km/h


M-1: 440 km – M-1 IP: 425 km


1 x 105/52 mm M-68E1 riffled gun + 1 x 12.7mm MG + 2 x 7.62mm MG + 12 smoke grenade dischargers


55 x 105mm rounds + 1,000 x 12.7mm rounds + 11,400 x 7.62mm rounds


M-1: 2,374 – M-1 IP: 894