Lockheed U-2 / TR-1 DRAGON LADY

In 1956, one of the most controversial aircraft in aviation history, the Lockheed U-2Dragon Lady“, entered service. It is the best known spy plane, maybe not due by capabilities, but because during its career it has been on the verge of generating two conflicts with very serious repercussions. This plane was born as a joint project of the USAF and the CIA, although it was the latter agency that controlled most of the project, in order to leave the military out of responsibility in case of problems on Soviet territory, as it happened on May 1960. The U-2 has completed its 65-year career, something really unusual for an aircraft, and it does not seem that in the short term there will be a suitable substitute to replace it, so we can continue to see its black silhouette for a few more years.

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Información adicional

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Country of origin

United States




Reconnaissance aircraft

Entered service




Combat weight

U-2A: 10,940 kg – U-2R/S/TR-1: 18,573 kg

Dimensions (length x wingspan x height)

U.2A: 15.04 x 24.32 x 4.56 meters
U.2R/S/TR.1: 19.15 x 31.31 x 4.88 meters

Wing area

U.2A: 55.74 m2 – U.2R/S/TR.1: 92.90 m2

Power plant

U.2A: 1 x Pratt & Whitney J57.P.37A turbofan engine, 50.7 kN (27,073 hp)
U.2R/TR.1: 1 x Pratt & Whitney J75.P.13B turbofan engine, 77 kN (41,118 hp)
U.2S: 1 x General Electric GE F.118.101 turbofan engine, 86 kN (45,924 hp)


U.2A: max. 871 km/h – cruise 760 km/h
U.2R: max. 841 km/h – cruise 783 km/h
U.2S: max. 825 km/h – cruise 783 km/h
U.2TR.1: max. 816 km/h – cruise 783 km/h

Ceiling, (maximum)

U.2A: 25,840 meters – U.2R: 24,320 meters – U.2S/TR.1: 27,360 meters


U.2A: 4,070 km – U.2R: 6,475 km – U.2S: 8,510 km – U.2TR.1: 7,400 km


Total: 104 (20 for CIA+30 for USAF (initial batch) + 5 in 1958 + 12 in 1967-68 + 37 in 1981-89 period)