Lockheed C-141 STARLIFTER

At the end of the 1950s, the USAF was aware that its transport aircraft fleet was outdated and could hardly take care of large deployments to faraway places within the time required in case of crisis. Then, a request was made to provide a new aircraft capable of meeting the needs of strategic and tactical transport, resulting in the “Lockheed Model 300“, the first jet designed specifically for military transport. Finally, after several years of development and testing, in April 1965 the C-141A Starlifter entered service. The new aircraft was immediately sent to Southeast Asia to collaborate in the Vietnam War. In 1977, the existing Starlifters were lengthened to take better advantage of their excellent capacities giving rise to the standard C-141B variant. Later in the 90s, about 60 Starlifter were updated to the C-141C variant. In this new variant, special emphasis was placed on the electronic elements of the aircraft, installing new navigation and avionics systems. In addition, different mechanical components were exchanged for more reliable electronic ones. Having participated in all major operations carried out by the American Armed Forces since its birth, the C-141 Starlifter was removed from the USAF in September 2004 and from the Air Force Reserve in May 2006.

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Country of origin

United States




Transport aircraft

Entered service



C.141A: 4 – C.141B: 5

Combat weight

C.141A: 143,190 kg – C.141B: 146,365 kg

Dimensions (length x wingspan x height)

C.141A: 44.20 x 48.78 x 11.89 meters
C.141B: 51.29 x 48.78 x 11.89 meters

Wing area

299.88 m2

Power plant

4 x Pratt & Whitney TF33.P.7 turbofan, 93.41 kN each

Power, (total)

373.64 kN (199,523 hp)


Max. 885 km/h

Climb rate

890 meters per minute

Ceiling, (maximum)

12,500 meters


4,725 km

Load capacity

C.141A: 32,105 kg (10 x 463L pallets or 154 troops or 123 paratroopers or 138 passengers or 80 stretchers)
C.141B: 42,812 kg (13 x 463L pallets or 205 troops or 168 paratroopers or 188 passengers or 103 stretchers)


C.141A: 284 – C.141B: 270 (converted from C.141A) – C.141C: 63 (converted from C.141B)