In early 1943, Russian troops managed to capture a German Tiger tank, at that time the most powerful tank in the world, and were aware of the differences with their own heavy tanks. Then they started a program to create a vehicle that would be able to deal with guarantees to these machines. The project accelerated even more after the Battle of Kursk, in which, although the Germans suffered a severe punishment, the limitations of the Russian tanks in the face-to-face encounters with the German heavyweights were reflected. It was decided then, to incorporate the 85mm D5-T gun to the new turret created for the new tank “Izdeliye 237” and mount it on the KV-1S heavy tank chassis. This design was known as “Objekt 239” and a prototype was presented in August 1943 before Stalin, who ordered its construction immediately. The new tank would receive the official name of KV-85 and was a fearsome adversary on the battlefield, although it had the misfortune to be manufactured in a short series of only 148 units between September and December of 1943, because it was an interim model until the arrival of the IS heavy tank family.

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Información adicional

Ficha Completa
Country of origin

Soviet Union


Kirov Factory


Heavy tank (HT)

Entered service




Combat weight

46,000 kg

Dimensions (length x width x height)

8.49 x 3.25 x 2.87 meters

Armour, (maximum)

Steel, Hull front: 75mm – Hull side: 60mm – Hull rear: 75mm – Hull floor: 30mm
Steel, Turret front: 100mm – Turret side: 100mm – Turret Rear: 100mm – Turret Roof: 40mm


1 x Mikulin V-2K diesel engine, 600 hp


34 km/h


180 km


1 x 85mm D5-T gun + 3 x 7.62mm MGs


70 x 85mm shells + 3,276 x 7.62mm rounds