KIROV class

The Soviet Navy’s fear of the US Navy’s carrier strike groups and nuclear submarines led to the construction of 4 powerful Kirov class ships. They are called “nuclear-powered guided-missile battlecruisers (CGN)” by the West, and although “battlecruiser” type ships disappeared shortly after the end of WWII, these gigantic ships can be considered a modernized version of those thanks to its size and speed, but not because of its weapons or armor. The Soviets called them simply “Raketnyy Kruyser (RKR)” (missile cruiser) and Russia considers them “heavy nuclear-powered missile cruisers”. These surface ships are the largest and best armed built after WWII in the world and two remain in service.

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Country of origin

Soviet Union


Baltiysky Zavod shipyard, Leningrad


Nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser

Entered service

Kirov: 1980 – Frunze: 1984 – Kalinin: 1988 – Yuriy Andropov: 1998


727 + 18 aircrew

Displacement, (full load)

28,000 tonnes

Dimensions (length x beam x draught)

252.00 x 28.50 x 9.10 meters

Armour, (maximum)

Steel: 76mm over nuclear reactor compartment and light splinter protection


2 oil-fired boilers (superheaters) – 2 x GT3A-688 shaft geared turbines, 50,000 shp

Power plant

2 x KN-3 pressurized water cooled reactor (PWR) 300MW, 90,000 shp

Power, (total)

140,000 shp

Shafts - Screws

2 shafts – 2 screws


Nuclear + Steam: 30 knots – Steam only: 17 knots – Nuclear only: 24 knots


Nuclear + Steam: 14,000 n. miles (25,900 km) at 30 knots – Steam: 1,000 n. miles (1,850 km) at 17 knots – Nuclear: unlimited at 20 knots


3 x Ka-25 "Hormone A" or Ka-27 / 31 "Helix A / E"


2 x 100 mm AK-100 dual purpose gun in single mounts (Kirov) – 1 x 130mm AK-130 dual purpose gun in twin turret (except Kirov) – 8 x 30mm six barreled AK-630 CIWS (Kirov & Frunze)


2 x 533mm quintuple torpedo tubes for Type 40 & Type 53 torpedoes – Paket-NK (rebuilt Admiral Nakhimov)

ASW armament

1 x RBU-6000 twelve barreled rocket launcher or 1 x RBU-12000 ten barreled rocket launcher – 2 x RBU-1000 eight barreled rocket launcher
1 x twin SS-N-14 "Silex" launcher with 16 missiles – SS-N-15 "Starfish" missiles launched from torpedo tubes
Otvet missiles (rebuilt Admiral Nakhimov)

SAM launcher

2 x SA-N-4 "Gecko" twin launchers with 40 missiles (not on Pyotr Velikiy)
6 x CADS-N1 Kashtan (30mm six barreled GSh-30K CIWS + SA-N-11 "Grisson" missiles) (A. Nakhimov & Pyotr Velikiy)
Pantsir-M system (30mm six barreled GSh-6-30K + Hermes-K missiles) (rebuilt Admiral Nakhimov)

VLS missiles

12 launchers for SA-N-6 "Grumble" (48 missiles) and SA-N-20 "Gargoyle" (48 missiles) SAM (Pyotr Velikiy)
12 launchers for SA-N-6 "Grumble" SAM with 96 missiles (except Pyotr Velikyi)
2 x 8 launchers for SA-N-9 "Gauntlet" / "Kinzhal" SAM with 64 missiles (Pyotr Velikiy)
20 silos for SS-N-19 "Shipwreck" anti-ship missiles, no reloads
S-350 (9K96 missile) Poliment Redut or S-400 (48N6DMK missile) SAM (rebuilt Admiral Nakhimov)
SS-N-26 "Strobile" (P-800 Oniks) anti-ship missiles (rebuilt Admiral Nakhimov)
SS-N-33 (3M22 Zircon) anti-ship with 60 missiles (rebuilt Admiral Nakhimov)

Cruise missile launcher

SS-N-30A (3M14 Biryuza) land attack missile (rebuilt Admiral Nakhimov)


4 ships: Kirov / Admiral Ushakov – Frunze / Admiral Lazarev – Kalinin / Admiral Nakhimov – Yuriy Andropov / Pyotr Velikiy