Hispano Aviacion HA-200A SAETA / HA-200B AL KAHIRA

The history of the first reactor designed and manufactured entirely in Spain began in the early 50s when the Spanish Air Ministry contacted Professor Willy Messerschmitt to offer him the command of a design team in Hispano Aviación (HASA) company. The design of the HA-200 Saeta began in 1952, and in June of 1953 there was already a full size mock-up. Two French Turbomeca Marboré IIA turbojets were chosen as powerplant because Spain had no experience in this matter. Finally on August 12, 1955, the 9 minutes maiden flight of the HA-200-R1 20/I prototype took place. The official presentation was made on August 16 in front of professor Messerschmitt and a large number of Spanish personalities. A second prototype designated as HA-200-R1 20/II was delivered with many improvements and flew for the first time in January 1957. In 1959 the Spanish Air Ministry signed a contract to acquire thirty HA-200A for training, bombardment training and photographic reconnaissance missions. The first pre-production HA-200A flew in June 1960 and along with four other pre-production aircrafts were sent to Egypt. This shipment was made to complete a signed contract with Egypt to build the HA-200A under license. Egypt designated its licensed aircraft as HA-200B or Al Kahira. In 1963 ten HA-200A or E.14, according to Spanish military designation, carried out experimental tests in different training units within the Spanish Air Force. Finally in November 1964 they entered service with the 741st Squadron, almost 10 years after the project began. Twenty five HA-200A plus five pre-production aircrafts were manufactured and they remained in service until mid-March 1980 when they were replaced by the new C-101 Aviojet training aircraft.

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Información adicional

Ficha Completa
Country of origin



Hispano Aviacion S.A. (HASA)


Training and light attack aircraft

Entered service




Combat weight

3,350 kg

Dimensions (length x wingspan x height)

8.88 x 10.42 x 2.85 meters

Wing area

17.40 m2

Power plant

2 x Turbomeca Marboré II.A turbojets, 4 kN each

Power, (total)

8 kN (4,272 hp)


Max. 690 km/h – Cruise 485 km/h

Climb rate

864 meters per minute

Ceiling, (maximum)

13,000 meters


1,500 km


2 x 7.7mm Breda MG


200 x 7.7mm rounds for each MG


Unguided type: Negrilla 50 kg


4 x 80mm Oerlikon


Prototypes: 2 – HA-200A SAETA: 30 – HA-200B: 10 – AL KAHIRA: 64