In 1968, at the request of the US Navy, studies began for a new medium-range air-to-surface missile capable of attacking conventional submarines that were on the surface while recharging batteries. However, a couple of years later it was decided to change the initial requirement for another that contemplated the development of a long-range anti-ship missile that could also be launched by surface ships and submarines. Thus began the life of the most successful Western anti-ship missile to date, the McDonnell Douglas AGM-84 Harpoon.

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Country of origin

United States


McDonnell Douglas


Anti-ship missile

Entered service


Missile/bomb dimensions, (length x diameter)

Length: Air launched: 3.84 meters – Ship and submarine launched: 4.60 meters – Diameter (all variants): 343mm

Missile/bomb weight

Air launched: 526 kg – Ship and submarine launched: 628 kg

Missile speed

Mach 0.75 (918 km/h)

Missile range

From 93 to 310 km

Guidance system

Radio altimeter + Active radar terminal homing

Warhead, (explosive charge)

Weight: 227 kg – Type: HE