Grumman F-14 TOMCAT

If there is an aircraft known to any aviation fan just by hearing its nickname, it is the “Tomcat“, or the Grumman F-14, depending on its official designation. This aircraft was the main protector of American aircraft carrier groups for more than 30 years, and although it has been retired from the US Navy, it continues to dazzle military aviation enthusiasts, who we can continue to see in old images, videos and… ….flying with the colors of the Iranian Air Force, which still keeps them in service.

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Información adicional

Ficha Completa
Country of origin

United States




Multirole fighter

Entered service




Combat weight

All variants: 33,680 kg (maximum takeoff)

Dimensions (length x wingspan x height)

All variants: 19.10 x 19.54 (20º wing) / 11.65 (68º wing) x 4.88 meters

Wing area

52.50 m2

Power plant

F-14A (early): 2 x Pratt & Whitney TF30-P-412A turbofan engines, 92.97 kN with afterburner (each)
F-14A (late): 2 x Pratt & Whitney TF30-P-414A turbofan engines, 92.97 kN with afterburner (each)
F-14A+/ B / D: 2 x General Electric F-110-GE-400 turbofan engines, 62.27 kN dry or 102.75 kN with afterburner (each)

Power, (total)

F-14A: 185.94 kN (99,292 hp) afterburner
F-14A+/ B / D: 124.54 kN (66,504 hp) dry – 205.50 kN (109,737 hp) afterburner


All variants: Max. Mach 2.34 (2,547 km/h) – Cruise Mach 0.62 (764 km/h)

Climb rate

All variants: 9,144 meters per minute

Ceiling, (maximum)

F-14A: 15,200 meters – F-14A+/ B / D: 16,100 meters


Max. ferry range: 3,700 km with external tanks

Combat radius

All variants: Subsonic air patrol: 1,232 km – Air support (at Mach 1.3): 820 km


All variants: 1 x 20mm six barreled M.61A1 internal gun and 10 hardpoints for 6,700 kg of ordnance


675 x 20mm rounds


Unguided type: Mk.80 – Mk.82 – Mk.84 – Guided type: GBU.10 – GBU.16 – GBU.24 – GBU.38 JDAM – Cluster type: Mk.20 Rockeye II


Rocket pods: LAU-10

Air-to-air missiles

Type: AIM.54 Phoenix – AIM.7 Sparrow – AIM.9 Sidewinder – AIM.120 AMRAAM – Fakour-90 (Iranians only)

Air-to-surface missiles

Type: AGM.65 Maverick – AGM.78 Standard Arm


F-14A: 638 – F-14A+/ B: 38 – F-14D: 37