D-74 122mm field gun

D-74 122mm field gun was designed in the late 1940s by the reputed Fedor Fedorovich Petrov, who has some of the best artillery pieces of WWII to his credit. It was showed in public in 1955 and it has not been a weapon of great diffusion within the Soviet Army. Because it entered service along with the M.46 130mm field gun of better performance, the D-74 was quickly relegated, leaving the M.46 as the only field gun in use with the Red Army. It was usually handled by 8 or 9 servers and it was towed by 6×6 trucks or tracked tractors. They served with 15 countries, mainly in Africa and Asia. The Chinese Type-60 gun is a copy of the D-74 and has been sold to many China allies in Asia and Middle East countries.

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Información adicional

Ficha Completa
Country of origin

Soviet Union


Artillery Plant No. 9 Bureau


Field gun

Entered service



9 servers

Combat weight

5,600 kg

Dimensions (length x width x height)

9.87 meters (length overall) – 6.45 meters (barrel length)


1 x 122/52mm gun

Rate of fire, (maximum)

10 shells per minute

Shell weight

HE: 25 kg

Shell range

24 km

Muzzle velocity

885 m/s