Cant Z-506B AIRONE

In 1936 a new floatplane designated as Cant Z-506 Airone was presented, which was a derivative of the previous Cant Z-505. The first batches were delivered for civilian use, but in July 1936 the Italian Air Ministry proposed a version as a bomber and torpedo-bomber. In 1937 the first Cant Z-506B Serie I was put into production, of which 32 examples would be delivered to the Regia Aeronautica in 1938. This variant had a bomb bay for 900 kg of bombs or a single 800 kg torpedo. Also mounted a Breda Safat 12.7mm machine gun in a retractable dorsal turret for self defense. Until 1941 these floatplanes carried out bombing missions, but after the Greek Islands campaign, their missions were changed to those of maritime patrol and rescue. During the war, the Z-506S Soccorso variant entered service, specific for maritime air rescue, and it was used in small quantities by the German Luftwaffe, which used them in the Baltic Sea area near the Peenemünde rocket test complex.

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Información adicional

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Country of origin






Entered service




Combat weight

12,700 kg

Dimensions (length x wingspan x height)

19.25 x 26.50 x 7.45 meters

Wing area

86.25 m2

Power plant

3 x Alfa Romeo 126 RC.34 radial engines, 750 hp each

Power, (total)

2,250 hp


Max. 350km/h

Ceiling, (maximum)

7,320 meters


2,000 km


1 x 12.7 mm Breda SAFAT MG + 3 x 7.7 mm MGs and 1,200 kg bomb load


314 of all variants