This Japanese aerobatics team was created in 1960 and is currently based at the Matsushima Air Base, Miyagi Prefecture. Six aircraft make up the Blue Impulse Team and began their career flying six F-86 Sabre until 1982, when they were changed to Mitsubishi T-2 trainers. In 1995, they modernized their fleet with the Kawasaki T-4 trainer aircraft, which still in use today. They participated in the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympic Games of 1964 and the Winter Games of 1998. They were also in the Osaka Universal Expo in 1970 and 1990, and of course, in the 2002 World Soccer Championship, flying by the opening match between Japan vs. Belgium. Unfortunately they had several serious accidents, especially one occurred on November 14, 1982, when the T-2B No. 4 hit a building in Takaoka during an exhibition. The pilot died, 13 people were injured and 28 houses and 290 cars were damaged by the accident.

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