BLOCKBUSTER “Super Cookie” 8,000 pounds

The “Blockbuster” bombs were a series of high capacity bombs used by the RAF to cause as much damage as possible with minimal raids, specially on buildings, (hence its name). They were used in conjunction with small incendiary bombs to devastate cities. Sometimes they were able to form the so-called “fire storms”, a specific phenomenon of this type of joint bombing that produced terrific results. The 75% of its weight was high explosive component, unlike other bombs in which it does not exceed 50%. They were sarcastically nicknamed “cookies” because of their “small” size. The 8,000-pound model, (3,600kgs), could only be launched by the Avro Lancaster heavy bomber, which had to modify its internal bombs bay to carry them. They were built in 2 different types, the Mark.I and Mark.II, both carried Amatex or Torpex explosive and were built from 1942 to 1945.

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Información adicional

Ficha Completa
Country of origin

United Kingdom


Royal Air Force


Free fall – unguided bomb

Entered service


Combat weight

3,600 kg, (8,000 pounds)

Warhead, (explosive charge)

Weight: 2,800 kg – Explosive: Amatol or Torpex