Bell UH-1 D/H Iroquois “HUEY” (model 205)

Following the appearance of the Bell 204 (UH-1A), the US Army soon realized the potential of the new helicopter and thought of a larger version of it. Following the request made to Bell in 1960, in 1961 Bell presented the new model designated as Bell model 205, which was basically the same Bell 204 but 1.40 meters longer, which allowed installing 4 more passenger seats and a greater fuel load, as well as an auxiliary fuel tank. In August 1961, the US Army gave permission to begin production of the new Bell 205 (UH-1D) Huey, probably the most successful helicopter in history.

UH-1 D/H HUEY (model 205) gallery and more info


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Country of origin

United States


Bell Helicopter Textron


Utility helicopter

Entered service



1 or 2

Combat weight

4,309 kg

Overall length

17.62 meters

Fuselage length

12.77 meters

Main rotor diameter

14.63 meters

Power plant

UH-1D: 1 x Lycoming T53.L.11 turboshaft engine, 1,100 shp
UH-1H: 1 x Lycoming T53.L.13 turboshaft engine, 1,400 shp


Max. & cruise: 204 km/h

Climb rate

488 meters per minute

Ceiling, (maximum)

3,840 meters


511 km

Load capacity

12 passengers or 6 stretchers


Wide variety of 12.7 & 7.62mm MGs, Minigun pods, 70 & 127mm rocket pods,40mm grenade launchers, ATGWs & AShM among others


UH-1D: 2,808 – UH-1H: 5,435