Alexeiev KM-1 CASP-A “Kaspian Monster” (experimental)

The project of this ground effect vehicle, or ekranoplane, began in 1963, giving rise to a prototype that made its maiden flight in 1966 and that was baptized as “Alexeyev KM”, although it is also known as “KM-1 Casp A” ekranoplane. The letters “K.M.” means “Korabl Maket”, (or experimental craft), but they have been popularly interpreted as “Kaspian Moster”, due to its appearance and size. The model did not pass the testing phase and was destroyed in an accident in 1980.

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Información adicional

Ficha Completa
Country of origin

Soviet Union


Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau, Rostislav Alexeyev


Ground effect vehicle or Ekranoplan


From 1963 to 1980

Combat weight

From 495,000 to 544,000 kg

Dimensions (length x wingspan x height)

From 92 to 106 meters long – From 32 to 40 meters wing span – 21.80 meters high

Wing area

662.50 m2 with a wing span of 37.60 meters

Power plant

10 x Dobrynin VD.7 turbojet, 127.53 kN each

Power, (total)

681,000 hp


Max. 500km/h – Cruise 430 km/h


1,500 km


1 experimental prototype