At the end of the 80s, a collaboration programm began between Bazan company of Spain and NEVESBU company of Netherlands. They started a program to build a Replenishment Oiler type logistic support vessel (AOR) for both Navies. This collaboration resulted in the Spanish Navy’s A-14 Patiño, and the Dutch Navy’s A-836 Amsterdam. The A-14 Patiño was commissioned on June 16, 1995, only 2 years after its construction began. It is a vessel designed to supply a naval combat group, including aircraft carriers. For this task it has a cargo capacity of more than 9,000 tons of fuel, and various solids stores as food, ammunition and spare parts. The ship was built in MS steel type with a production standard for civilian merchant ships according to Lloyd’s Register regulations. However, the ship was equipped with a military communications system. The ship has 5 supply stations for liquids, two in each band and one aft. There are six other supply stations for solids, and a flight deck aft that allows VERTREP, (vertical replenishment), operations through helicopters. Since its entry into service, the A-14 Patiño has participated in many international peacekeeping missions and surveillance against piracy in the Horn of Africa.

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Información adicional

Ficha Completa
Country of origin



Bazán, Ferrol


Replenishment oiler

Entered service




Displacement, (full load)

17,050 tonnes

Dimensions (length x beam x draught)

165.84 x 22.0 x 8.00 meters

Flight deck, (length x width)

26.00 x 22.00 meters


2 × Izar/Burmeister & Wain 16V40/45 diesel engine, 14,795 shp each

Power, (total)

29,590 shp

Shafts - Screws

1 shaft – 1 screw


21.3 knots (39.4 km/h)


6,000 n.miles (11,100 km) at 14 knots

Load capacity

182 tonnes of fresh water + 100 tonnes of food + 240 tonnes of ammunition + 25 tonnes of sonobuoys + 9 tonnes of spare parts
6,815 tonnes of DFM F.76 fuel for ships + 1,798 tonnes of JP.5 or F.44 aviation fuel


2 x SH-3 Sea King or 3 x AB-212


2 x 20/85mm Oerlikon GAM.B01 guns

Machine guns

4 x 12.7mm + 2 x 7.62mm