3.7cm Flak-36

The 3.7cm Flak.36 was introduced in 1936 and was basically the same gun of the previous Flak.18 mounted on a new gun carriage but keeping the same Zeiss Flakvisier 36 sighting system. Production reached several thousand units until the end of the War and was used initially by the Luftwaffe, and from 1942 onwards, also by the Wehrmacht. A derivative of this gun was the airborne tank buster BK 3.7 mounted on Junkers JU.87 G2 Stuka “Panzerknacker”, Junkers JU.88 P-2 and P-3 types and Henschel Hs.129 B-2/R-3 attack aircrafts. Some examples of the Flak.36 were exported to China and Greece.

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Información adicional

Ficha Completa
Country of origin



Rheinmetall – Borsig


Anti-aircraft gun

Entered service


Combat weight

1,552 kg

Dimensions (length x width x height)

3.626 meters (barrel length)


1 x 37/98mm gun

Rate of fire, (maximum)

160 rounds per minute

Shell weight

HE: 0.62 kg

Shell range

2,000 meters ceiling

Muzzle velocity

820 m/s


Several thousands