Dornier DO-28A1

The Dornier Do-28 was presented in 1959 and was a more powerful development of the previous Do-27 model. It was decided to install two engines and expand the fuselage to accommodate up to 6 passengers. The aircraft had excellent STOL capabilities that allowed them to operate on unprepared and difficult access runways, a capacity very appreciated in African countries in particular. The first version or A-1 was a sales success and 60 examples were built, six of which were purchased by the Spanish Air Force that used them until 1980 in general utility and liaison missions. Almost 30 countries have used the Do-28 in its different versions, some for civil transport and even some aircrafts had been equipped for SIGINT gathering information missions.

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Información adicional

Ficha Completa
Country of origin



Dornier Flugzegbau


Utility – Liaison aircraft

Entered service




Combat weight

2,720 kg

Dimensions (length x wingspan x height)

9.91 x 13.80 x 2.80 meters

Wing area

22.70 m2

Power plant

2 x Lycoming A/C O540.A.10 turboprops, 250 hp each

Power, (total)

500 hp


Max. 328 km/h – Cruise 257 km/h

Climb rate

425 mteres per minute

Ceiling, (maximum)

6,300 meters


1,235 km

Load capacity

6 passengers