USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65) gallery 2

In March 2011 he returned to the Arabian Sea for operations within Operation Enduring Freedom. On May 24 an F/A-18F Super Hornet makes the 400,000th landing on its flight deck. In June 2011 she finished her cycle in the Gulf having made 1,450 sorties. On March 11, 2012 she began her last deployment and in May she made several combat sorties over Afghanistan. Finally, on October 12, 2012, she left the area after having made 2,241 combat sorties, dropped more than 50 bombs and almost 6,000 rounds in missions related to Operation Enduring Freedom.
On December 1, 2012 US Navy’s the first nuclear aircraft carrier was deactivated after 51 years of service. Then, the dismantling work begins on certain parts of the ship to proceed with the defueling. The dispose of its 8 nuclear reactors was completed during 2016 and on February 3, 2017 the USS Enterprise is officially decommissioned and stricken from the U.S. Naval Vessel Register. Although some proposals were made to turn the ship into a museum, both the cost and the problems with the removing of its nuclear equipment advised against it. However, the “Enterprise family” does not end here, as the future CVN-80 Ford class carrier will be named again as USS Enterprise.

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